Marked angels is one of the premier providers of the Home Renovation services. We have a wide range of experience in all aspects of residential home improvement work. Our services include:
• Installing Partition walls
• Installing suspend ceilings and loft branding
• Window fitting and conservatories
• Installing draft excluders on doors and windows
• Repairing Wooden windows/doors
• LCD Plasma TV Installation
• Picture, Painting and Mirror Hanging
We understand that our customers want work that is done professionally, quickly and tidily and we pride ourselves on our excellent customer service. All of our staff understands that work should be carried out with minimal inconvenience to our customers and that the end of job premises must be left clean and tidy. The only thing you will see when we leave is the high-standard of our work.

Paint  & Decoration

We  have   a  wide  range  of experience in  all   aspects of residential,   retail and  commercial    paint  and decorating work so whether you need your home redecorated or a rental  property painted at the end of a tenancy,  Marked Angels can  help.  We provide the full  range of paint and  decorating work,  allowing   us to carry out work ranging  from single   room jobs to  renovating   entire  properties.   Marked  Angels  knows what is expected  with a painting  or staining  job.   We pride   ourselves   on performing  your job  on time, done  right.  That’s our mission.  So when  you bring  Marked Angels  in  for  a  painting   or staining  job, we work hard  to bring the level of detail  and professionalism that you expect. We  can help with  a  variety  of painting and staining  projects around the house.  Whether  it is  an  outside  paint   job  or an  indoor   one,  Our professional can do it.


Marked Angels floor services are your  total solution  for  installation   and repair of most types  of flooring, including  hardwood,  laminate, ceramic tile and  more .In  just  one call, our professional  handyman  helps prioritize   all  your floor  installation and  repair needs,   as   well  as other major  and minor  home repairs   on your “To Do List.”

Our professional  handyman  team multi-tasks   every floor installation   and  repair we’re called  to  complete.

That means  we don’t  waste your precious time .Our  handyman services will  install  vinyl  flooring  in  your kitchen    and  then   repair   a  tile  that’s  chipped  in your  bathroom    .Every floor  installation   and  repair  is prioritized with you to ensure that these and all of your home repairs  and improvements  are  completed   on time.


Marked  Angels helps install  and build  a variety of customized  carpentry  projects .From  building  bookcases to crown molding installation, our professional  carpentry  services  do it all in one call .No  time  gets  wasted with our team.  That means we’ll install crown molding  while the stain dries  on the entertainment  center we built just  for you .And  when we’ve Finished  putting  in  molding  in  the  living  room we’ll  start   installing counter tops in your kitchen. And those  are just a few of the  many  larger  carpentry services   we provide. Others include  building  and installing  stairways, railings, sheds, gazebos,   paneling  and  so  much  more  .We also do finish carpentry  projects. From new custom cabinetry that provides a personalized   storage  solution to bookcases  and handrails,  we can help add valuable  storage and display space  to  your  home .In  addition to these carpentry services, other skills  include furniture  assembly  and building  cabinets.

Interior Designing

Home interior  design  is about  creativity,  imagination and an aptitude  for maximizing   the functionality   and aesthetics of a space.  In order to create  atruly  balanced  home,  design elements  present   in the   space  must blend  harmoniously.   Here at MAC we understand   the intricacies   of   creating  the perfect  home.  Our   aim   is  to introduce a holistic living   experience carefully-designed Environment


With  over  10 years  of experience in home design, we know only  too well the  challenges and  logistics involved  in delivering  world-class bespoke interiors  to our clients.  Our  clients  include  some of  the  most affluent and influential  people in the world, and we know what it  takes  to  get  things done.                Our designers work within an agreed budget and time frame for creating  bespoke  interiors, aiming   to  exceed our  client expectations every time.